Casting a Love Spell

How to Cast a Love Spell

If you are someone searching for true love, there’s always magic by your side. Cupid is never taking a break, so you can always expect a happy love life. It’s casting a love spell that we’re talking about. However, note that we’re not necessarily casting a spell to indulge a person entirely and making stuffs pretty dark. It’s only a spell that will help to connect to your loved ones who also has the same feeling.

Though there’s no guarantee that the spell will work every time but there remains a huge possibility. So, why not try it, right? Before giving out spell instructions, we’ll discuss what love spell actually is and how does it work. You need to know every detail of the whole process, otherwise you won’t be able to see the magic. We’ll also emphasize on the do’s and don’ts so that you don’t do any mistake. So, without blabbering anymore let’s get straight into the point – how to cast a love spell.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Love Spell?
  2. How does a Love Spell Work?
  3. Do’s and Don’ts in Casting a Love Spell
  4. How to Cast a Love Spell – Beginner’s Spell Guideline
  • Your Everyday Love Spell
  • Magic in the Bath
  • Honey Jar Love
  • Candle Magic

What is a Love Spell?

Love spell

Love Spell doesn’t mean making someone fall in love with you the moment you cast a spell. It’s an energy that brings you and your crush together if you both are having the same feeling. Here, crush should be someone who also cares for you the way you do for him or her.

The basic here is attracting the positive energy to speed up the approaching mentality. Magic will only work for existing love between two people. Remember, this is not black magic. It’s not getting into the dark but somewhat dialing up the magnetic force between the two love birds. 

How does a Love Spell Work?

The major point you want to focus on during a love spell casting is to have a clear intention. If your intention is vague and you’re not sure about your love, the spell will not work.

While casting the spell, you have to write a letter dedicating towards your crush. Keep it extremely in private and burn it down after sealing it properly. The ashes will form a bridge and seek the reality of your letter from the universe. Though we’ve mentioned it already, we’ll repeat – the spell will only work if your crush also has the same feeling for you.  

Do’s and Don’ts in Casting a Love Spell


  1. Believe in your spell. Never underestimate the power your spell can cast.
  2. Specify every detail. Research all the spell materials thoroughly before casting the love spell.
  3. Feel the spell as it casts. You may feel vibration while the energy releases. Be present and let the process continue itself.
  4. Prepare yourself getting the energy in a threefold turn. Be it positive or negative, the energy is likely to return to you for at least three times.


  1. Never set unrealistic expectations. You have to build the attraction gradually for the person who already loves you.
  2. Avoid all the vague intentions and be firm on your points. Your intentions must be right and specified correctly.
  3. Don’t quicken your spell too fast. Let it take its time, space and energy to work naturally. 

How to Cast a Love Spell – Beginners Spell Guideline

Your Everyday Love Spell

Create your own mantra to recite everyday in the morning and the evening. You love partner should also be at the same point of love as you are. Fridays can be special because it’s the Venus Day. If you try with all your heart, the spell will definitely work in no time.

Magic in the Bath

To start a love spell in the bath, you’ll need a few ingredients. These include Himalayan salt, hibiscus, a dash of cinnamon, rose petals, and a drop of honey at the end. You must place a rose quartz over your heart chakra and meditate for at least 15 minutes in front of it. You’ll feel the vibe of the spell casting on to your partner and drawing towards you. Let the universe do its magic. You should keep up your hope for finding the person you love. 

Honey Jar Love

This process is as simple as writing ABC. You just need to find a piece of paper. Write the name of your crush on it. Place it carefully on a jar of honey and then all you have to do is wait. After a week or two, you’ll notice some differences. Your crush will flow towards you just as honeybee flies towards honey. 

Candle Magic

You will need a handful of materials to cast this spell. The most significant ingredient here is a pink candle. Curve your name and sign at one side and your partner’s name on the other side of the candle. Pour down some rose oil with some rose petals outside the candle. Within the oil, add a drop of jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle, ginger, and orris-root oil and form a mixture. To impress the goddess of love, add some glitters too on the candle. Then, lit the candle and wait for it to burn entirely. 

Final Thoughts

At the end, we would like to share some truth. Love spells don’t exactly guarantee you that your crush will fall in love with you whenever you cast a spell. However, with following the right directions and believing in yourself, the spell will definitely work. You must be aware about the DON’Ts we’ve discussed earlier so that you don’t lose track in the middle. With that being said, we wish you the best of luck in casting a love spell for your partner and finding the true love you’ve always wanted.

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