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“If someone had told me that today, I would have been where
I am, I would never have believed it …

but now I am experiencing the proof that some
love spells actually work “!

Written By : Norma Tornini
Date: Saturday 10 October 2020






Have you ever wished you had magical powers?

Being able to cast Spells when you wish, to improve your love life and the lives of those you love? 

Imagine for a second that you have that power … and that you can make spells that really work!

Would you like to be able to use them? 

If your answer is “Yes”, this is the most important thing you will read in your life … 


I want to congratulate you on finding this magical and loving place. 

Nothing happens because yes in this world, and  it is not by chance that you have come to this site.   
Your wishes for love and peace, along with the power of magic led you to this site.

There are reasons why all this has happened . Fate would have led you in every possible way to find this place

There are many classes of conjuration, talk and cleanup that Wicca Magic believers use to  improve their life and make it more complete .  

Currently, Powerful Love Spells are the most sought after in the world, and are used to heal hearts, awaken love and open the eyes of other people who have difficulty letting people enter their hearts. 

There is no evil on this site. The conjurations of love are not used to harm anyone or cause people to be in a trance, against their will. If what you are looking for are Black Magic conjurations, exit this site immediately, because you will not find any of that. Here you will not find any evil curse or negative conjuration. 

All my life, I have dedicated it to studying and perfecting myself in the creation  of truly effective love spells . To create this great book in the best possible way, I have worked together with the best Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches and Priestesses from around the world. To get in touch with them, I made long trips to Haiti and Africa, there I lived with indigenous tribes and  found the most powerful love rituals in the world .  

I am originally from Ireland, and I learned the secrets of the Wicca Religion from my ancestors. There is a long tradition in my family of Wizards who have been followed by people from all over Ireland who approached for help from my grandmother and my powerful mother. 

I am very proud to have created the most complete collection of Powerful Love Spells made to date. And I really want you to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

The incredible book, My Powerful Love Spells, is aimed at people wielding different levels of magic, from inexperienced young apprentices to magic professionals.


These miracles do not happen by chance, the universe launches secret energies to “create” these miracles. I’ll show you how to make them happen, but you need to  read every word on this page.

The first time I saw Luca (I will keep his surname to maintain his intimacy) he was in the row of the supermarket, I immediately realized that something was wrong in his life. He looked like he hadn’t shaved for several days … possibly weeks.

He looked at me, dirty and unkempt. But most importantly … 


Due to my long family history, I cannot bear to see another person suffer. Something inside me was screaming for help … but I wasn’t sure what to do. 

Minutes later, I was in the parking lot to put my groceries in the car when I saw him again, climbing into an old pickup truck, dented by the years, and closing the door a piece of paper fell to the ground. I ran to the pickup truck and called at its window to make sure it saw me. He surprised me when he looked up because … 


I have seen many people with love sickness in the “low points” of their lives.

I thought that a person’s desperation would never surprise me. But this poor man had hit rock bottom in a way he had never experienced. He was in great pain, completely destroyed inside. 

I asked him if he was okay, and he began to open his heart in front of me. Sometimes it’s easier to count your problems to a complete stranger. Before I realized I was sitting in a nearby bar listening to him talk about the deepest problems in his life.

A month before that day, Luca had a good job as a computer programmer, a beautiful girlfriend and plans to start a family with her. 


When she left his apartment for the last time, he collapsed into his bed … crying out of control. 

He felt destroyed, his life was breaking into a thousand pieces.

His fiancée ripped out his heart … and destroyed his self-esteem.

He had nowhere to go, nor did he know what to do.

He put together what little internal strength he had left to go to work the next day.

But in a short time, due to a terrible depression, he gave up …

He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He told me he didn’t care if he lived or died. There was nothing for him that was worth it. He didn’t even believe in a higher power. He was an atheist.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something to help him.

I proposed to help him and we started having meetings in a local park, 3 times a week at lunchtime. He didn’t think I could help him but he made a point of trying the things I was going to teach him. First I turned into her friend, and then I turned into her mentor when …


powerful love spells

But first I had to prove to him that Spells really work  (don’t worry if you’re skeptical, I’ll show you they really work if you keep reading). 

He liked the idea … so we started working with love spells every time we met and got to know each other.

From the moment he cast his first spell, his relationship began to change … that very night

The next time we met in the park, he thanked me a lot, because after several days of trying, his former partner replied to his text messages. He knew the spell I had given him was working. I was very happy for him. But behind the first smiles, I could still feel her internal pain.


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